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Thea C – Typical Me

Natalia E – Dance With Me

Fibby – Free In You

Alannis – Royal Red

Stacey – By My Side

Dana C – Sensuality

Senta L – Sweet Thing

Adrienne – Slow Motion

Eufrat – So Free

Sigrid V – The Black Dahlia

Karia D – Assume Your Position

Danica – Saxo

Lorena G & Belinda – A Nice Experience

Kira B – Beautiful Me

Rubie – Lucky Us

Dorea B – Bed Games

Simona – Coffee Break

Ramona – My Bet

Isida – Nymph

Arlene – Awake In A Dream

Tinna – Never Let Me Go

Barbora E – Understand Me

Irena & Ariel – Same Direction

Dori K – Teach Me How To Do It

Video: Stacey – Red Room

Video: Simona – Romance

Video: Lilly – Beautiful Lover

Video: Ariel – Come With The Wind

Video: Melisa – Interview

Video: Melisa – I Found You

Video: Kala – In a Few Words

Olga E – Joy

Amelie – More Than Anything

Lorena G – Good Intention

Betty S – Red For Passion

Polly E – Play With Me

Kinga – Twilight

Marla T – Teach Me

Conny – Only You

Emilia D – On Holidays

Adrienne – Love Me

Fai – Personal

Aelita – Long Nights

Sabina T – Nothing Personal

Corinna – Mediterranean Dreams

Pia E – SO OK

Kira B – Inside Of Me

Miela – Sooner Or Later

Luna – In Your Eyes

Fiva – Under The Volcano

Angelina B – Dreamer

Maggie D – Premiere

Dana C – Deeper Understanding

Rafaella E – Sweet November

Linda F – Surrender

Raia – Next To My Heart

Karen E – Premiere

Kristy – Good News

Belinda – Legends Of The Fall

Hannelie D – See Me Now

Alannis – Sweetheart

Sofie – Brightest Star

Lahela B – Anything for You

Thea C – Across the Sea

Natalia T – Red Head

Tea – Unbelievable

Kala – I Need It

Tamara F – We Belong Together

Natalia D – Premiere

Sarah F – Table Dance

Gina D – Let Me Be Yours

Kamea & Angelina B – Sea Club

Ashley – Claser

Rubie – You Got Me

Meli P – Premiere

Ramona – Meaning of Beauty

Eufrat – I Am All Yours

Bea G – Premiere

Anika – Whispers

Denisa – We Did It Our Way

Aurea – Burning Wheels

Tea – Into Your Arms

Marlen B – Premiere

Laila – Pamper Me

Emma D – Premiere

Susann – Just You And I

Arlene – Never Alone

Cate S – Premiere

Amelie – You Never Know

Melissa – Try

Anabelle – Keep The Dream Alive

Dorea B – Premiere

Fiona – Strawberry Season

Danica – Sitting Waiting Wishing

Vic E – Corsage

Verona D – Yellow

Tinna – La Riviera

Lorena G – Temptation

Stacey – Fresh Roses

Kamea – The Passion Fruit

Sophia H – To The Sea

Ella S – The Time With Me

Sigrid V – Premiere

Caprice – Tenderness

Nexi – Love Me Softly

Irena – Sunday Afternoon

Malvina – So Beautiful

Jayla – Memories

Tanika – Cowgirl

Mia T – Premiere

Sofie & Ketrin S – Both Sides of Paradise

Peggy – The Photography Class

Simona & Ariel – Anemoi

Dasha M – Rescue Me

Melisa – Simply Perfect

Angelina B – Love Is Not Enough

Natalia E – A Morning With Me

Dana T – The Forest Fairy

Sasha D – Premiere

Anya C – I Wanna Rock

Miela – Green Apples

Betty S – A Situation

Karla D & Vera T – Beautiful Morning

Agy – Happy Girl

Polly E – My Body Language

Dori K – Midnight

Lilly – Apple Taste

Fai – Till The Night Ends

Isida & Ramona – Sailing Away

Adrienne – Exotic Beauty

Thea C – Window To My World

Kinga – Room 76

Milana C – I Know You Like It

Emilia D – Back In Time

Katy – Amazing View

Alannis – Play

Pia E – Kiss Me

Amelie – Kiss On My List

Yasmi – Tenderness

Laila – Something Beautiful

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