FemJoy Dasari, Susann – Alter Ego

Dasari, Susann - Alter Ego
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    Dasari refrains from showing us her anus unlike other Femjoy models.I’m sure its as beautiful as the rest of her. She conceals her vaagina in some shots. I hope her future work shows us these in more detail. Great asses on both girls. Just a little more asshole!

    Indian lover

    I can’t stop wanking on Dasari’s wide, wobbly Indian bum. It’s got to be one of Femjoy’s top posteriors! She could have been a little more daring by parting her arse cheeks revealing what must be a terrific anus! If both girls showed their arseholes we could compare Dasari’s brown to Susanns white rectum. I hope the photographer will improve on this in future work as I find female anuses visually exciting. Dasari has obviously shaved her pussy neatly vertical & I think she’s made a splendid job but perhaps in her next shoot she let her Indian muff grow to a dense forest. Her labia does not hang down as much as Susann’s though I’m sure it may if she fingered herself prior to the shoot. This would also make her vagina moist & more a feast to the eye & a wank!
    Her bottom has a long ass crack which probably moves as she walks when wears a sari or jeans. I thank her giving me pleasure of her nakedness. She is brave to break from taboos & I wish more Asian/Indian /Arab sluts would exhibit their bare tits, cunts & anuses for us to enjoy.


    Dasari has the most wonderful brown bottom. Pity she didn’t give us better peeks of her pussy & more rear view shots especially the anus. I imagine nude modelling is her part time occupation hope to see more of her but I for one would support her site. I suggest we see her bending over exposing her cunt & asshole in a Supermarket while perusing over items.


    I wonder if Dasari would mind if I stuck my nose between her arse flaps into her anus? I hope she wouldn’t fart! She’s a lovely girl & I hope she returns with more pics of her large mammaries & neatly shaved fanny. That ass has to be make a return riding a cock (preferably mine) & as a professional model she must make her anus available to the photographer. Most of Femjoy girls show their ring pieces & this Indian must follow policy! Dasari! Here’s to more of your arsehole!

    1st timer

    Lucky photographer got to see Dasari’s bouncy tits for real.Lucky bastard. Wish this Indian beauty would do more porn! Her body is wasted. Lets see her being fucked & gang-banged. Her neatly shaved cunt is throbbing for cock. Her sexy fleshy ass would be fab bouncing while fucking! We’ve yet to see her arsehole!


    This cheeky young Indian Lady exposes her big ass with such pride & deserves a thorough spanking for being so rude! If there’s any justice in this world it will be my strong hand that delivers it to her! I will not rule out my erect prick as she leans over my lap to take her punishment! Her brown bum would blush if I get my way with her for exposing it! I t’s so unlady like for a beauty like her to expose their vagina especially for such a pretty Indian. Her gorgeous chocolate bust typifies her Indian womanhood & how I wish she’d let me breast feed so I can enjoy her milk. I’d then inspect her fart hole to ensure a clean rectum. The sign of an unclean arsehole would mean yet another spanking.


    Lovely bum on the big tittied Indian: round, soft & wobbly. Shame she didn’t expose the anus which I’d make a rear entry into filling her shitter with my warm sperm. She wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week with such a red, sore ring!

    Femjoy fan

    To my knowledge big tittied Dasari is a first & the only Indian/Packi model to grace Femjoy so far. I would love to see more of her & other girls from these parts of the world baring all. It will also be a first when we see an Indian girl’s arsehole on Femjoy. Seeing that dark little anus makes a shoot sadly lacking in the above.


    Come on, lads! At least the Indian showed you her gorgeous tits & arse! Maybe she didn’t want to open her anus for the world to see! In her culture this is taboo! Shame’ though there is so little of her. I’d like to know how often she shaves her pussy to keep it so tidy! Maybe she’d let us see her do it.. not forgetting the hairs around her arsehole!

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