FemJoy Dorothy – Easy To Miss You

Dorothy - Easy To Miss You
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    It sounds like this card hit home with many of you. It does for me too. Let’s — each of us — tegother take a step forward, even if it feels risky and see what happens. Note that this is a small step, but a step nonetheless.I also pulled one additional card for Catherine…and her project of writing a book. See if this rings true for each of you.I pulled the Death card reversed. This can indicate a resistance to necessary change, feeling stuck, stagnation, fear of change, etc. It can mean that you are hanging onto a situation that no longer applies to you and who you are becoming. Would writing this book take you out of your comfort zone? Would it force you to release a persona/situation that has felt safe for a while? The feeling is, Why rock the boat? But it still feels like it is time for you to move one step further down the path. In fact, this project will be hanging around you until you decide to do it so why wait?Good luck to all of us as we step forward and get un-stuck. Devil be gone!

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