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    A funny old set this. Volna, new to glamour posing, is not a happy bunny, trying very hard and succeeding in keeping the camera from between her legs, so that, in fact, she may as well have kept her bikini bottoms on, she seems not to have realised that the photographer would have one or more assistants. Badly paid or free photographic students, learning and gaining work experience.
    She glares at the one holding the reflector panel, probably a lad, younger or her own age, who she wouldn’t even acknowledge in the street, much less speak to or sit with but who is now spending a large part of a couple of hours enjoying to the full her naked cunt. So embarrassing and horrible for this lovely girl to be having to adopt poses, many of which give him a perfect private view of every detail of her genitals She, seeing his eyes fixed between her legs, hates each moment she is exposed and he makes the most of her unprotected display.

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