Age: 21
Eyecolor: BLUE
Haircolor: BROWN
Height: 55 cm
Weight: 175 kg
Breast Size: Small
Measurements: 86/63/92
Country: Russian Federation
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Bio: Hi, my name is Ilana. Photography is not the only thing that i like to do. My main interest is my future profession. I study architecture, so my time is almost fully occupied by it. But sometimes i find time for my hobbies: knitting, sewing, needlework, reading, cooking, yoga and photosets of course. Why i do it? I have no clear answer, I just do like it. Maybe one day my life will change radically. I like studying but very tired of it. I dream to have a big family. Perhaps becoming good wife and mother can make me really happy at all.

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